New to Industrial 3D Printing

Realize the full potential of additive manufacturing using our Learning Path "New to Industrial 3D Printing"

- Apply additive manufacturing technology to your business successfully
- Understand the methodology to identify the most appropriate application
- Take a look at the future of machine operator training using Augmented and Virtual Reality
- Share ideas with an additive manufacturing expert


Beginner Level

8 hours

EOS Certificate

Hardware & Software Prerequisites

Please relax and enjoy the course, we have already taken care of everything. We will provide you with all the licenses and software tools needed for your ideal learning experience.

New to Industrial 3D Printing

Additive Minds
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Are you considering an investment in additive manufacturing, but are still unsure whether it is worthwhile for your company? Are you interested in additive manufacturing and looking for a compact introductory program? Then we have put together just the right training program for you. You will learn the basics of additive manufacturing technology, a method for identifying the potentially best application for AM production in your portfolio, experience augmented reality in in the area of operator training and exchange ideas with our experts.


The certified AM Academy training programs combine theory and practice in teaching additive manufacturing skills. The knowledge imparted comes from hundreds of industry projects in all industries over the last 30 years. With our courses you will learn from and together with the world's leading AM design experts.


Learn more about the following topics: 


Getting Started with Industrial 3D Printing:

Additive manufacturing (AM) and the industry is evolving very dynamically and is quickly advancing in many fields. There are many opportunities for the application of additive manufacturing technology. 

This additive manufacturing online class will demonstrate the key benefits of additive technologies and enable you to create your own AM incorporating strategy, helping you to lead the way in the exciting and unconventional world of 3D printing.


Industry Introduction:

In this introductory course, you will gather AM industry insights with relevant facts and figures. You will learn which applications in different industries are suitable for additive manufacturing and have actually changed an industry.

You will be able to recognize the right applications and communicate to others why specific applications have gained industry popularity. You can also describe which customers have become a thought leaders in additive manufacturing in each industry. 


Identifying AM Applications:

In this course, you'll learn a method to confidently identify which applications are suitable for additive manufacturing and which are not. Because not everything you can print should be printed.
We teach you a method in which technical and economic aspects lead to the right decision. This course is supplemented by an exercise that you have to solve at the end of the course.


M 290 AR Training:

Extended Reality (XR) technologies continue to transform education and contribute to the best possible learning outcomes when used correctly.
Get an immersive AR experience by augmenting the best metal 3D printer of the year, EOS M 290, anywhere near you. 


Expert Session/ Webinar:

After your course "Identifying AM applications", any questions left unanswered? No problem, our expert will answer all your questions and discuss your implementation strategy with you.

Every AM Academy Course offers a rich learning experience

Real world experience

Explore and assess real worldprojects with case studies andportfolio examples.

Community & Experts

Receive valuable feedback fromtutors and other learners in peerreviews, Q&A sessions and.discussion groups.

Hands on learning

Gain vital experience of methodologies and processes while working on practical tasks, exercises and tools.

Flexible learning

Learn at your own pace and access modules on the go with our self-study online classes.

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