Overheating of DMLS parts

Explain the causes and effects of overheating 

There is always a risk of overheating in additive manufacturing due to the friction and heating involved in the manufacture process. Local overheating can cause warpage and even melting, resulting in a failed build and a part that has to be thrown away. 

By learning the causes and effects of overheating, and the solutions to these issues, you can become a vital team member and help to increase the build success rate, and lower the overall cost-per-part. 

After completion of this 3D printing course, you will be able to explain the causes and effects of overheating and apply this knowledge towards solutions for thermal regulation. 

Learn the benefits of a reduction in overheating 

Creating 3D printed parts can be an expensive process and one of the main benefits of a reduction in overheating is, of course, minimizing the amount of failed builds and maximizing profit for your company. 

Determine the impact of thermal regulation on the entire process chain and understand the consequences of keeping heat flow optimal with easy-to-understand modules and teachings. 

By completing this 3D printing online class, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the parameters which lead to overheating, and the challenges and benefits of preventing such a situation. 

Use EOSPRINT to reduce overheating 

Overheating can be prevented in the data preparation stage using EOSPRINT software. This flexible software allows you to optimize the process parameters to avoid overheating in EOS additive manufacturing machines. 

Learn how to use EOSPRINT correctly, eliminating the potential for overheating-specific defects and become confident using the EOSPRINT interface and controls. 

In this additive manufacturing module, you will receive guidance in the operation of EOSPRINT software to quickly and accurately process CAD data, as well as understand which process parameters to use for which type of part to keep overheating to a minimum. 

Becoming an EOSPRINT expert will give you a professional edge, allowing you to take your career in additive manufacturing to the next level. 

Module Highlights

Overheating is one of the biggest contributors to failed builds leading to irreparable defects and wastage. Understanding the technical and human errors that lead to overheating can help to reduce this problem and create solutions to prevent overheating from happening. 

This additive manufacturing course gives you an in-depth understanding of the causes and effects of overheating, and teaches you how to use EOS specific software to reduce overheating in the first place.

Online & self study: 1 h

EOS Certificate

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