PA 2200 CarbonReduced

EOSArticle Number: 9012-0200

100% proven quality and 45% less CO2e

Suitable for FORMIGA P 110 Velocis, EOS P 396, EOS P 770, P500

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Typical mechanical properties
Tensile modulus 1650 MPa
Tensile strength 48 MPa
Elongation at break 18%

Thermal properties
Melting temperature (20°C/min) 176°C
Heat deflection temperature (1.80 MPa) 70°C
Heat deflection temperature (0.65 MPa) 154°C

Physical properties
Density 930 kg/m³

The material is also available as standard PA 2200 with a higher carbon impact.

This cost-efficient general-purpose material is suitable for a variety of applications, including functional prototypes and qualified series production parts from the industry.

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