Materials for 3D Printing

Materials for 3D Printing

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Showing 1 - 24 of 54 products
PEKK 100
PEKK 100

A high-performance polymer which shows higher elongation at break and impact strength while maintaining high tensile strength.

PA 2200 CarbonReduced
PA 2200 CarbonReduced


100% proven quality and 45% less CO2e

Balanced part property profile characterized by strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance

Can be bio-compatible and certified for contact with foodstuffs

PA 1101 ClimateNeutral
PA 1101 ClimateNeutral


100% proven quality and 0% CO2e

Built parts are characterized by high impact resistance and elongation at break

EOS Aluminium Al2139 AMEOS Aluminium Al2139 AM
EOS Aluminium Al2139 AM

Unmatched strength in temperatures between 50-200 °C

Robust one-step heat treatment

Parts can be electropolished and anodized

EOS NickelAlloy HAYNES® 282®
EOS NickelAlloy HAYNES® 282®

Excellent strength at high temperature

Good corrosion and oxidation resistance

Easily fabricated and excellent weldability

EOS ToolSteel CM55EOS ToolSteel CM55
EOS ToolSteel CM55

Cobalt free

High strength and hardness

Stable for use in elevated temperatures

EOS StainlessSteel SuperDuplex
EOS StainlessSteel SuperDuplex

Excellent resistance to uniform, pitting and crevice corrosion

High strength together with high corrosion resistance

PA 620-MFPA 620-MF
PA 620-MF

Optimized for high performance and easy to process with high temperature tolerance and high detail surface finish

PA 830-ESD 12PA 830-ESD 12
PA 830-ESD 12

Electrostatically dissipative nylon 11 without carbon fibers that has good tensile strength and an excellent surface finish

PA 820-MFPA 820-MF
PA 820-MF

It is optimized for high performance, is easy to process, and has high-temperature tolerance

PA 603-CFPA 603-CF
PA 603-CF

Carbon fiber-filled Nylon 12 with ESD and high mechanical properties

PA 615-GSPA 615-GS
PA 615-GS

Glass sphere filled material for improved dimensional stability with increased stiffness and part surface finish

PA 650PA 650
PA 650

Drop-in replacement for other commercially available PA12 laser sintering powders which is highly recyclable and biocompatible


A high-performance plastic that’s chemically resistant, flame retardant, and with a high melting point

HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11
HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11

Best suited to applications which require superior thermal properties with maximum performance in XY&Z dimensions

FR-106 - Polyamide 11FR-106 - Polyamide 11
FR-106 - Polyamide 11

Fire retardant nylon 11 material that has superior mechanical properties while maintaining high levels of fire retardancy

PA 640 GSLPA 640 GSL
PA 640 GSL

Lightweight powder with high strength, high surface finish, and high dimensional stability

EOS TPU 1301 - Thermoplastic ElastomerEOS TPU 1301 - Thermoplastic Elastomer
EOS TPU 1301 - Thermoplastic Elastomer


Extremely hydrolysis-resistant, with high resilience and good tribological properties

Alumide® – Polyamide 12Alumide® – Polyamide 12
Alumide® – Polyamide 12

Filled With Aluminum

Characterized by high rigidity, a metallic appearance and a range of useful post-processing options

PA 3200 GF – Polyamide 12PA 3200 GF – Polyamide 12
PA 3200 GF – Polyamide 12

Filled with glass beads

A part property of high rigidity, thermal resilience and high resistance to wear and tear

PA 2210 FR - Polyamide 12
PA 2210 FR - Polyamide 12


A halogen-free chemical flame retardant that meets fire protection class UL 94 / V-0. at wall thickness above 3mm

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) – Polyamide 12
PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) – Polyamide 12


Good tensile strength and material reusability make this halogen flame retardant a cost effective option

PA 2201 – Polyamide 12
PA 2201 – Polyamide 12


Polyamide 12 powder parts are also white but are free from color pigments and appear slightly more translucent

PA 2200 - Polyamide 12PA 2200 - Polyamide 12
PA 2200 - Polyamide 12


Balanced part property profile characterized by strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance

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