PA 615-GS

ALMArticle Number: 9015-0008

Glass sphere filled material for improved dimensional stability with increased stiffness and part surface finish.

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50% Glass-Sphere-Filled Nylon 12 optimized for easy processing and as a drop-in replacement for comparable Glass-Sphere-Filled Nylon 12’s. It has smooth surface finish, good stiffness and mechanical properties , and high recyclability.  

Typical mechanical properties
Tensile modulus: 5910 MPa
Tensile strength: 38 MPa
Elongation at break: 2%

Thermal properties
Heat deflection temperature (1.82 MPa): 134 °C
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa): 179 °C

Physical properties
Sintered Density: 1,49 g/cm³

Automotive engine components
Mold and tooling applications
Complex geometries requiring accuracy and feature resolution
Ideal for rugged applications requiring stiffness at elevated temperatures

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