EOS Software

Industrial 3D printing software for optimizing the efficiency of production environments.

To produce truly great 3D printed parts, you need to combine excellent design with quality printing equipment.

With our series of software solutions you can ensure your design, plotting and quality assurance works seamlessly across your systems.

Take a look at our EOS software plans below to see how they can help optimize your additive manufacturing processes.

Data Preparation Software

Precisely plan metal additive manufacturing jobs with EOS data preparation solutions, including our flexible EOS Build and Build+ subscription plans. Gain access to numerous material-specific parameters to ensure the success of every build in a job: calculating laser power, layer thickness and other critical factors to meet the specific needs of your 3D printing application.


Monitoring & Quality Assurance Software

Increase the quality of your metal 3D printing processes and reduce part iterations and scrap rate. With the EOS Smart Monitoring subscription plan, you can achieve unparalleled real-time visibility into build jobs. Also, leverage cutting-edge automated laser correction for precise adjustments to minimize overheating risks and reduce errors.


Data Connectivity Software

Connect your EOS machine data to other critical facility systems (ERP, MES, CAQ and more) and create a single source of meticulous insight into the performance of one machine — or many. The EOS Data Insights plan provides a connectivity solution that also enables real-time remote control capabilities, allowing you to pause or stop build jobs — even from your mobile device.


Looking for Guidance on 3D Printing Software Selection? 

We are happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right software for your application.