EOS Smart Monitoring


The EOS Smart Monitoring plan* bundles EOSTATE EXPOSURE OT process control hardware and software, the cutting-edge Smart Fusion automated power correction technology and critical training resources into a convenient subscription.

*requires an active EOS Build/Build+ plan

Annual license (per machine):
Sale price€27.000,00
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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.


EOS Smart Monitoring — Comprehensive QA for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Take complete control of your industrial metal 3D printing processes with EOS Smart Monitoring, and help your organization achieve consistent, high-quality results during series production. 

The plan's combined resources provide thorough build imaging and analysis to inform process adjustments (and improve future production), enable real-time laser correction to minimize job flaws, and allow non-destructive testing to help reduce QA costs, scrap rate and build failures over time.

High-resolution optical tomography and 100% insight

EOSTATE EXPOSURE OT unites hardware and software for unparalleled AM process analysis. A near-infrared optimal tomography camera records real-time images of any metal 3D printing job — regardless of part size — and precisely measures energy levels. After the monitoring computer linked to the camera processes the imagery, the EXPOSURE OT software analyzes it (based on customizable parameters) to identify hot spots, cold spots or other anomalies affecting the job.

Precise laser control automation

Based on parameters established during pre-processing — and heat distribution data collected from past jobs by EXPOSURE OT — Smart Fusion controls laser power during a build and corrects itself as needed. By mitigating the risk of overheating and reducing the possibility of laser-related errors, this automated feature helps ensure fewer part iterations.

Training and consulting for new or experienced users

Each EOS Smart Monitoring plan includes seats for basic and advanced OT technology training and advanced training for Smart Fusion. You can also enter two four-hour expert consulting sessions — one focused on OT, the other on Smart Fusion.

Subscription flexibility

Every EOS Smart Monitoring customer must initially commit to a two-year minimum subscription. After that initial period, you can renew (on a year-to-year basis going forward) or cancel. Inactive users lose access to Smart Fusion, all training resources and the ability to record and analyze OT data in real time, but keep the EXPOSURE OT hardware and some software functions.


EOS Smart Monitoring

  • High-resolution OT camera.
  • Monitoring IPC computer for data processing (integrated directly into EOS M 300-4 and M 400-4 3D printing systems; provided in a separate terminal if used with the. (EOS M 290)
EXPOSURE OT software (with online, offline and remote use cases)
  • Real-time OT recording of build images.
  • Smart Fusion automated laser power control and correction.
  • Live view of progress during acquisition and display of completely acquired monitoring images (remote or online only)
  • Loading and display of acquisition data for completed build tasks.
  • File import/export features, including automated monitoring data export.
  • Indication Detectors for identifying hot or cold spots, Part Statistic analysis for graphical representation and comparison of gray values and anomalies for parts in a job, all exportable in .csv
  • Customizable analysis capabilities (create/change analysis profiles, change/approve analysis parameters, apply analysis profiles to past and current jobs)
  • Irregularity and anomaly categorization.
  • Database maintenance (incl. backup and uninstall options for system database)
Training features
  • One training seat for M 290 users and two seats for M 300-4 and M 400-4 customers (for Basic OT Operation E-Learning, Advanced OT E-Learning and Smart Fusion E-Learning)
  • One Smart Fusion expert session and one OT expert session (both four hours)

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