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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
PA 640 GSLPA 640 GSL
PA 640 GSL

Lightweight powder with high strength, high surface finish, and high dimensional stability

PA 650PA 650
PA 650

Drop-in replacement for other commercially available PA12 laser sintering powders which is highly recyclable and biocompatible

PA 603-CFPA 603-CF
PA 603-CF

Carbon fiber-filled Nylon 12 with ESD and high mechanical properties

PA 615-GSPA 615-GS
PA 615-GS

Glass sphere filled material for improved dimensional stability with increased stiffness and part surface finish

PA 830-ESD 12PA 830-ESD 12
PA 830-ESD 12

Electrostatically dissipative nylon 11 without carbon fibers that has good tensile strength and an excellent surface finish


A high-performance plastic that’s chemically resistant, flame retardant, and with a high melting point

HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11
HP 11-30 - Polyamide 11

Best suited to applications which require superior thermal properties with maximum performance in XY&Z dimensions

FR-106 - Polyamide 11FR-106 - Polyamide 11
FR-106 - Polyamide 11

Fire retarded nylon 11 material that has superior mechanical properties while maintaining high levels of fire retardancy

PA 620-MFPA 620-MF
PA 620-MF

Optimized for high performance and easy to process with high temperature tolerance and high detail surface finish

PA 820-MFPA 820-MF
PA 820-MF

It is optimized for high performance, is easy to process, and has high-temperature tolerance


A high-performance polymer which shows higher elongation at break and impact strength while maintaining high tensile strength.