PA 650

Unfilled Nylon 12 optimized for easy processing and as a drop-in replacement for comparable Unfilled Nylon 12’s. It is biocompatible with good recyclability. It has a clean white surface finish with fine-feature resolution and user-friendly processing. 

Typical mechanical properties  
Tensile modulus 1700 MPa 
Tensile strength 48 MPa 
Elongation at break 24 % 
Thermal properties  
Heat deflection temperature (1.82 MPa) 95 °C 
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 180 °C 
Physical properties  
Sintered Density 1,02 g/cm³

• Thin wall ducting components
• Consumer products and sporting goods
• Prototypes requiring durability, accuracy and end-use functionality Ideal for low to mid-volume rapid prototyping and manufacturing

Product Summary

Suitable for P396, P450 and roller based systems

Drop-in replacement for other commercially available PA12 laser sintering powders which is highly recyclable and biocompatible.

Item No 9015-0001
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