PEKK 100

ALMArticle Number: 9015-0100

Suitable for EOS P 810

Excellent chemical and oil resistance, even at elevated operating temperatures. excellent insulation properties (high dielectric strength) and halogen-free flame retardancy (UL94-V0).

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This high-performance polymer is based on an unfilled PEKK and shows higher elongation at break and impact strength while maintaining high tensile strength compared to the carbon fiber-filled material HT-23.  


At high operating temperatures in the range of 80-180°C, this material demonstrates its unique capabilities and shows a massive increase in toughness while maintaining high strength and stiffness.


The color of PEKK 100 is beige. The above image presents air duct system for use in aviation ( Source: EOS | Royal) 

Typical mechanical properties
Tensile modulus 4100 MPa
Tensile strength 86 Mpa
Elongation at break 2.40% XY
Thermal properties

Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 249°C
Heat deflection temperature (1.80 MPa) 165°C
Physical properties

Density 1290 kg/m³
Complies with standards: UL94 V-0 with 1.6 mm

Ideal substitute for small-series applications, especially in the automotive industry due to its similar properties to injection-molded 35% glass-fiber-filled polyamide 6.

Suitable to produce industrial and automotive parts due to its excellent chemical and oil resistance (even at elevated operating temperatures).

Suitable for use in electronic & electrical (E&E) applications due to the material’s excellent insulation properties (high dielectric strength) and halogen-free flame retardancy (UL94-V0).

Suitable for use as a metal replacement in aerospace and mobility (rail) applications due to its inherent flame retardancy.

Its excellent abrasion resistance and sliding friction properties make it appealing for a wide range of industrial applications.

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