EOS Build/Build+


EOS Build and EOS Build+ plans feature EOSPRINT’s industry-leading job and parameter optimization capabilities alongside ready-to-use EOS Material Sets and comprehensive training resources — in new subscription packages for optimal flexibility.

Annual license (per machine):
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EOS Build/Build+

EOS Build
  • EOSPRINT licenses for up to 3 users per production site
  • Process optimization settings (recoating, recirculating filter system, platform temperature, part-specific hatching, dispenser, shrinkage/beam offset compensation, exposure, platform first layer)
  • Access to all Standard Material Sets; compatible w/ the M 290, M 300-4, M 400 and M 400-4 EOS metal AM systems
  • Regular software updates and Material Set upgrades
  • User permission management
  • Cloud-based Material Set Management service to track material parameters across your organization/maintain accuracy for all jobs
  • Smart Fusion for cutting-edge automated process control incl. laser power adjustment; ideal for supportless building (requires an active EOS Smart Monitoring plan)
  • General AM training via the New to Industrial 3D Printing Learning Path (up to 5 seats)
  • EOSPRINT training (up to 5 seats)
EOS Build+
  • ALL EOS Build features listed above, with EOSPRINT licenses for up to 10 users per site
  • Access to high-performance Advanced Material Sets for highly demanding and/or specialized applications
  • Parameter Editor advanced features: time-optimized support and contour, Laser Center Dependent Scanning Strategy (LCDS), Pulsed Wave Emission, skywriting, flow optimization, double exposure and more
  • Additional advanced features: visualization of laser utilization, detailed exposure time per layer, advanced previewing (including jump visualization and animated scan paths), Protected Printing via a provided second dongle
  • EOSPRINT Software Development Kit (SDK) for automation purposes
  • EOSPRINT Server (beta version)
  • Parameter Editor training (up to 5 seats)

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