EOS Build/Build+


EOS Build and EOS Build+ plans feature EOSPRINT’s industry-leading job and parameter optimization capabilities alongside ready-to-use EOS Material Sets and comprehensive training resources — in new subscription packages for optimal flexibility.

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EOS Build and EOS Build+ — Unparalleled Parameter Optimization, Invaluable Flexibility


EOS Build and Build+ provide the same process parameter control for industrial metal 3D printing and intuitive ease of use that EOSPRINT users recognize. Nothing has been subtracted. The software is bundled with additional parameter control, Material Set management and training resources to help further improve job and process optimization. 

Both can benefit any AM adopter, though Build+ represents a significant step up across multiple categories.

Parameter optimization to suit any AM build

Use the EOSPRINT Parameter Editor to precisely adjust parameters ranging from laser power and layer thickness to scan speed (and many more) — whatever your unique needs dictate. Build+ enables more comprehensive parameterization and adds advanced exposure algorithms, the EOSPRINT Software Development Kit (SDK) for automation purposes and other cutting-edge features.

Plans to match the scope of your AM operations

EOS Build is ideal for production sites with small teams (3 maximum) overseeing parameter optimization via EOSPRINT. Meanwhile, Build+ provides up to 10 EOSPRINT licenses per site, making it the better choice for organizations looking to significantly upscale industrial 3D printing operations.

Material parameters for wide-ranging applications

The standard Material Sets of EOS Build have proven their quality to many AM adopters and include parameters ideal for strong alloys including steel, aluminum and titanium varieties. However, the EOS Build+ Advanced Material Sets — like the highly temperature-resistant IN718 HighPro and Haynes282 — are better suited to producing parts for extreme environments.

Training to build 3D printing knowledge

Build and Build+ both come with EOSPRINT training, as well as general AM training for those brand-new to the technology. Build+ adds specific, detailed training for the Parameter Editor feature.

Subscription-based flexibility

EOS Build and Build+ plans start as a one-year minimum subscription. After one year, you can renew, upgrade to Build+ (if you started with Build) or cancel. Those who cancel retain access to one standard Material Set and a single EOSPRINT license.



EOS Build/Build+

EOS Build
  • EOSPRINT licenses for up to 3 users per production site
  • Process optimization settings (recoating, recirculating filter system, platform temperature, part-specific hatching, dispenser, shrinkage/beam offset compensation, exposure, platform first layer)
  • Access to all Standard Material Sets; compatible w/ the M 290, M 300-4, M 400 and M 400-4 EOS metal AM systems
  • Regular software updates and Material Set upgrades
  • Cloud-based Material Set Management service to track material parameters across your organization/maintain accuracy for all jobs
  • Smart Fusion for cutting-edge automated process control incl. laser power adjustment; ideal for supportless building (requires an active EOS Smart Monitoring plan)
  • General AM training via the New to Industrial 3D Printing Learning Path (up to 5 seats)
  • EOSPRINT training (up to 5 seats)
EOS Build+
  • ALL EOS Build features listed above, with EOSPRINT licenses for up to 10 users per site
  • Access to high-performance Advanced Material Sets for highly demanding and/or specialized applications
  • Parameter Editor advanced features: time-optimized support and contour, Laser Center Dependent Scanning Strategy (LCDS), Pulsed Wave Emission, skywriting, flow optimization, double exposure and more
  • Additional advanced features: visualization of laser utilization, detailed exposure time per layer, advanced previewing (including jump visualization and animated scan paths), Protected Printing via a provided second dongle
  • EOSPRINT Software Development Kit (SDK) for automation purposes
  • EOSPRINT Server (beta version)
  • Parameter Editor training (up to 5 seats)

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