Magics Polymer Package from Materialise

EOSArticle Number: 500001075

Software package for data and build preparation for EOS polymer systems with orientation and duplication of parts and 3D Nesting.

Perpetual License per user *:
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* Price is for a perpetual license for a single user for Magics RP and EOS Build Processor. The price includes maintenance for the first year and can be renewed after 1 year directly with Materialise. The price includes an annual subscription license of Sinter Module of 5000€ for a single user, which can be renewed after 1 year directly with Materialise. For price of floating licenses, kindly contact with us.


Magics Polymer Package* for the build job preparation before assigning the correct exposure strategies. The software package consists of the following components:

Magics RP

Importing part geometry from different formats. Ensuring printability for high quality parts using geometry repair features.

Orientation and duplication of parts and placement on the build platform.

Sinter Module (annual subscription license only)

3D nesting for perfect utilization of the build tray through intelligent nesting algorithms

EOS Build Processor

Generating the scan paths for the build job with seamless transfer to the connected EOS systems


*Magics Polymer Package is the software product from Materialise. 

  • Import of different formats of design data
  • Repair, edit and optimize
  • Report generation
  • Archiving of construction jobs for easy repeatability
  • Build analysis to avoid costly build errors using analysis features
  • Sintermodule: Simple 3D nesting with a high density of parts for a optimized productivity
  • EOS Build Processor: Generation of the build job and transfer to the machine

  • Magics 26: Change, repair and analysis of your parts, both in CAD and in mesh representation.

Documentation of Materialise Magics

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