EOS Titanium Ti64

Parts built in EOS Titanium Ti64 have a chemical composition corresponding to ASTM F2924. Ti64 is well-known light alloy, characterized by having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility. This material is ideal for many high-performance applications. Parts built with EOS Titanium Ti64 powder can be machined, shot-peened and polished in as-built and heat treated states. Due to the layerwise building method the parts have a certain anisotropy.

Image of Part: Landing Gear Harness Bracket by Liebherr, built in EOS Titanium Ti64

The chemical composition in compliance with Ti6Al4V, ISO5832-3, ASTM F1472, ASTM F2924, ASTM F3302
Ultimate Tensile Strength 1055 MPa
Yield Strength 945 MPa
Elongation @ Break 13 %

→ Series production parts in aerospace

→  Medical and automotive

Product Summary

Suitable for
EOS M 290 @ 30 & 60 µm,
EOS M 400 @ 30 µm, EOS M 300-4 @ 60 µm, EOS M 400-4 @ 60 µm, EOS M 100 @ 20 µm

Excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

Low weight & bio compatibility

Item No 9011-0014
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