EOS Tungsten W1

Parts built in EOS Tungsten W1 have chemical composition of pure tungsten metal. 

Thin walled tungsten parts are targeted to be used in X-ray guidance structures in X-ray imaging applications such as Anti Scattering Grids (ASG) in computer tomography systems.

Part design by Dunlee, made of Tungsten W1

The chemical composition in compliance with Pure tungsten Min. wall thickness< 140 µm
Position of horizontally oriented walls +30 µm / -30 µm
Part height tolerance vertical +0,35 / -0.15 mm
Part accuracy of solid sections approx +/- 20-25 µm

→ Thin walled parts for use in guidance structures in x-ray imaging such as anti-scatter grids

Product Summary

Suitable for
EOS M 100 @ 20 µm

Pure tungsten powder

Process optimized for production of thin walled X-ray guidance structures

Item No 9011-0021
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