PA 640 GSL

Hollow Glass-Sphere-Filled Nylon 12 optimized for stability, recyclability, and increased stiffness. High-detail dark grey surface finish Good strength to-weight ratio properties ~10% reduction of material-per-build compared to similar Nylon 12s Good Z-direction properties for reduced weight and higher temperatures. 

Typical mechanical properties  
Tensile modulus 3816 MPa 
Tensile strength 49 MPa 
Elongation at break 3% 
Thermal properties  
Heat deflection temperature (1.82 MPa) 170°C 
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 180°C 
Physical properties  
Sintered Density 0,82 g/cm³ 

• Aerospace/UAV components
• Athletic equipment
• Motor sports and racing ideal for applications requiring a balance of strength and lighter weight without sacrificing dimensional stability and surface finish

Product Summary

Suitable for P396, P770 and roller based systems
Lightweight powder with high strength, high surface finish, and high dimensional stability.
Item No 200000930
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