Learning Goals

  • Quick & efficient data preparation for polymer 3D printing
  • Recognizing the main challenges of applications
  • Understand temperature settings and optimal part orientation
  • Using software to make the impossible possible

Learning Path Methods



 Q&A Session


Practice Task




  • Understand EOS systems and software
  • Build up your own know-how, and master data preparation software
  • Increase the complexity of your builds and create sustainable quality
  • Prove what you have learned: Bring everything together and excel your personal skills

Hardware & Software Prerequisites

PSW P396
EOS Material Set EOS PA2200 (license key 20088)
EOS Material Set EOS TPU 1301 (license key 20217)
Materialise Magics 24.1
SG + Materialise EOS Build Processor

Early Bird Pricing: First 10 Registrants!

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