Design for Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program

Certificate Program Details

Format: Online and self-paced learning

Total Time: 70 hours

Ideal Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Language: English

Prerequisites: None

Provided software licenses: nTopology, Altair, Synera*





Practice Task

Q&A Session

Seat: 1 seat
Certificate Program: incl. Phase 4
Sale price€5.050,00

*Software licenses are provided for the duration of the program (2 months)

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Additive manufacturing may look simple, but the entire design process requires a significant depth of technical knowledge and clear communication between parties to ensure high quality. From the first sketch to the final part design and build, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the full design process and how it can impact your projects. With this program, you’ll explore each stage of additive manufacturing design, guided by experienced experts who can provide valuable insight, as well as answer your questions throughout. 

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Looking to enter the exciting world of additive manufacturing (AM) design but don’t know exactly where to start? Our certificate program has been crafted with you in mind.

  • Explore the state-of-the-art software, tools and techniques that power additive manufacturing and modern product design through e-learning sessions, live webinars and practical tasks

  • Consult with and learn from world-leading additive manufacturing industry experts.

  • Gain a unique insight into design approaches that draw from market-leading technology and engineering brilliance to create previously unimaginable product geometries.

  • Access leading design software including nTopology, Altair and Synera* for the duration of your studies.

What will you learn?

Our additive design program is broken down into four main phases. Each phase contains a series of bite-sized e-learning and webinar modules, practice tasks and interactive Q&A sessions, all culminating in the final exam to complete your qualification.

To begin, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of additive manufacturing design know-how, including the industry, project management skills, innovative methods and a choice to focus on metal or polymer technologies and materials. The program also delves into the details of the design process. This includes understanding the applications of additive manufacturing, the “thinking additively” approach to design, understanding post-processing methods for either metal or polymer printing and how to formulate a business case based on cost and efficiency.

Using specialized software is critical to success in additive manufacturing design. Therefore, we’ll give you the opportunity to choose between three leading 3D printing design packages centered around the technologies most suited to your field. Each tool-specific e-learning module allows you to fully explore the capabilities of key additive technologies including material extrusion, vat polymerization, powder bed fusion, material jetting, binder jetting, sheet lamination and direct energy deposition.After completing the learning sections of the program, you will take a two-part exam to qualify and receive your certification.

Upon completing this certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate the benefits of both additive and traditional manufacturing technologies into your design projects.

  • Use a variety of design approaches to solve your design challenges.

  • Inspire others with your sketches and design ideas.

  • Apply specific design software tools.

Course Breakdown

Each phase of the program focuses on specific aspects of additive manufacturing design and the processes involved in a successful design project. Here is a detailed breakdown of each module and what they cover:

As a designer, you’re also a project manager who must ensure projects run smoothly every step of the way. That’s why we start this program by learning about project and stakeholder management so you can create solid, reliable design plans. We then teach additive manufacturing technologies and illustrate their differences from traditional manufacturing. You’ll also learn about relevant AM industry applications and explore how the technology influences and enhances different sectors. We finish this phase with a refresher on traditional sketching with a flipchart and pen — a classic technique that can be exceptionally helpful for additive design!
Next, we delve into the additive manufacturing world and the design process chain. You’ll learn a method for identifying additive design use cases, further promoting a “think additively” mindset to make the most of your designs. You can then choose whether to focus on metal or polymer to deepen your knowledge of post-processing and its impact on designs, as well as the dependency between specific design methods and business cases.
This phase covers different approaches to additive manufacturing and design, examining how they can influence various applications in both metal and polymer builds. You'll also choose one of three state-of-the-art additive manufacturing design software programs — nTopology, Altair or Synera — and learn its ins and outs. Finally you must undergo final examinations to receive your certification. Once you pass this assessment, you'll be able to download your certificate automatically from the learning platform. Our certified Additive Minds Academy training programs combine theory and practice in teaching AM design skills. The knowledge imparted comes from hundreds of industry projects in all industries over the last 30 years. With our programs you will learn from some of the world's leading AM design experts.

Upon completion of the certificate program, you will be afforded the opportunity to commence your design project and obtain valuable feedback from experts within the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. Are you eager to print your component and have it in your hands? We will demonstrate how you can achieve that in collaboration with our partner 1zu1.

What Our Students Say About This Certificate Program


The comprehensive focus of this course on a single intricate issue and the thorough involvement of EOS experts in its webinars and Q&A sessions make it stand head and shoulders above similar certification programs. Its dependence on the learner's interaction — i.e., "learning by doing" in the practice task modules — will also have a positive long-term impact on their data preparation skills.

This course is suitable for any CAD engineers or designers who come from the classic subtractive (milling, machining) or formative (injection molding) manufacturing processes and want to confidently transition to additive manufacturing design. The course is also suitable for onboarding young professionals seeking to be AM product designers, team leaders or mechanical, production or application engineers.

Yes, once you’ve finished the program and completed the examinations you’ll receive a certificate confirming your achievement. This can be downloaded from the program portal.

We recommend having a technical background, and specifically, it's ideal for you to have previously used CAD programs. However, the course also allows very ambitious career changers a new professional perspective.

We recommend having a technical background, and specifically, it's ideal for you to have previously used CAD programs. However, the course also allows very ambitious career changers a new professional perspective.

No, you will be provided with all necessary licenses to access the software you’ll be using during the program. For the specific design software you’ll use, this license will last for three months.

No specific prerequisites are necessary to begin this course, except to be open minded and curious. You don’t need to do any prior research or learning to be able to enroll and complete this program.

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