Course Overview

The EOS M 290 System Operation Training is a 3-day in-person course that provides essential skills in machine setup, safety, and build completion. Completing the course earns an official EOS System Operator certificate, recognized by industry leaders in additive manufacturing.

Format: In-Person 

Duration: 3 Days

Location:  EOS Facilities in Maisach, Germany

Languages Available: English, German

Prerequisites: Completion of the Data Preparation Metal Certificate Program (Magics, EOSPRINT 2) is recommended prior to this training

Key Learning Methods:

Classroom Training

Hands On Practice


Expert Session

Training Dates: On request
Price per participant:
Sale price€2.150,00

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The EOS M 290 System Operation Training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills for safe and efficient machine setup and build completion.  
Throughout 3 days of comprehensive training, learners will delve into machine safety protocols, operational principles, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques.  With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on exercises, this program ensures operators are well-prepared to enhance productivity, uphold safety standards, and minimize equipment downtime in an industrial setting.  

Trainees should ideally have previous knowledge and experience with data preparation software (e.g., Materialise Magics, EOSPRINT 2) and understand the process of preparing build files as well as transferring those to the system We suggest completing the Data Preparation Metal Certificate program as a pre-requisite.    


Upon successful completion of this training program, participants will receive an official EOS System Operator certificate.


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      Who is it for

      This training is tailored for metal laser-based powder bed fusion system operators looking to:

      • Understand key operation aspects of the EOS M 290 systems including process safety, machine setup, build initiation, build monitoring, break-out, and fundamental operator maintenance procedures
      • Build a robust network within the additive manufacturing (AM) expert community
      • Access continually updated content for staying at the forefront of industry advancements
      • Benefit from safer, faster, and more stable build jobs moving forward
      • Obtain a recognized certificate from the industry leader in AM

      What You Will Learn

      Participants will gain comprehensive insights and practical skills in:


      • Understanding the laser-based powder bed fusion process
      • Mastering safe operation and handling of EOS M 290 laser-sintering systems
      • Acquiring practical skills in machine and peripherals operation, using EOS processing software for setup, job start, and process monitoring
      • Learning routine system care practices, including effective cleaning and maintenance routines
      • Gaining proficiency in handling EOS laser-sintering materials, adjusting machine settings, and evaluating the quality of built parts through the building and assessment of EOS reference jobs


      • Metal Laser Powder Bed Process Overview
      • Machine Operation Safety Guidelines
      • System components and peripheral equipment overview
      • Completed build removal instructor demo
      • Machine set up by instructor
      • Starting build process
      • Monitoring of the building process
      • Basic machine operator maintenance procedures
      • SOP review
      • Build removal and machine set up by trainees
      • Starting build process
      • Monitoring of the building process
      • Part post-processing practice


      This course is designed for metal application engineers and technicians who are looking to learn and practice metal laser-based powder bed fusion system operation.

      The comprehensive focus of this course is on acquiring safe and efficient machine setup and build completion hands-on skills from EOS experts during the in-person training. Its dependence on the learner's interaction — i.e., "learning by doing" in the practice task modules — will also have a positive long-term impact on the learner’s data preparation skills.

      It is recommended to have active Materialise Magics and EOSPRINT2 software licenses

      Learners who take this course should have a strong technical background, though no specific experience in additive manufacturing is required. Familiarity with Materialise Magics and EOSPRINT 2 fundamentals would be very beneficial during the training.

      If you're interested in exploring the AM process on a deeper level, we highly recommend taking our Process Engineering and Science Certificate program. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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