Certificate Program Overview

Unlock OT Monitoring and Smart Fusion capabilities for metal applications with this immersive program from the Additive Minds Academy. Elevate your career in just 2 weeks!

Format: Self-paced online training

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Ideal Duration: 2-4 weeks

Language: English

Prerequisites: EOSPRINT 2 parameter editing experience. Data Preparation for Metal Certificate Program is recommended.

Available: starting June 2024

Key Learning Methods:


Practice Tasks

Live Expert Session

Seat: 1 Seat
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Realize your full potential with our Certificate Program for EOSTATE Exposure OT and Smart Fusion for metal laser powder bed fusion process (L-PBF). Dive into an immersive learning experience specifically designed for application engineers, process engineers and quality assurance engineers.

In additive manufacturing, every aspect of the process chain matters. In this brand-new certificate program, we focus on monitoring and optimization of L-PBF process with EOSTATE Exposure OT, which is a unique solution in the AM market that can monitor the process behavior not only during melting, but also after solidification. This enables the engineers to control the process in a closed feedback loop manner with Smart Fusion.

Our AM certificate program will teach you how to implement process monitoring best practices to deepen your process understanding and document production not only for quality assurance, but also for support-free AM with Smart Fusion, which utilizes OT data to regulate the process live.

Set to launch in June 2024, this program represents a unique opportunity to advance your skills in AM. Secure your spot today and be among the first to benefit from this innovative learning experience.  

Program Benefits

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the L-PBF process monitoring.

  • Upskill yourself to utilize data driven Support-free AM.

  • Apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on tasks.

  • Build a robust network within the additive manufacturing (AM) expert community. 

  • Access continually updated content for staying at the forefront of industry advancements. 

  • Benefit from safer, faster, and more stable build jobs moving forward.

  • Engage directly with EOS engineers during insightful expert sessions.

  • Obtain a recognized certificate from the industry leader in AM.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic principles of OT

  • Describe the basic principles of Smart Fusion:

    • How it works
    • How it enables support-free building and thermal management

  • Execute nominal OT signal intensity determination method (Target Grey Value)

  • Plan and perform validation methodology for testing mechanical properties

  • Apply application-specific design & process guidelines 

  • Create a roadmap to develop own applications

Course Breakdown

Your training is split into five phases:

  • Introduction to the Program: Brief welcome and overview of the Process Science and Engineering Polymer Certificate Program.
  • Program Objectives: High-level discussion on what students will learn throughout the program, including key skills and knowledge areas.
  • Module 1 - Physical Fundamentals: Explore the mechanisms of light emission during L-PBF and image generation paths
  • Module 2 - Software: Learn how to use the OT software and its benefits by focusing on the monitoring data workflow
  • Module 3 - Use Cases: Master the settings on specific machines and get inspired by the monitoring implementation use cases.
  • Module 1 - Basics: Explore the Smart Fusion technology and check its add values such as heat input management, Support free building, less material use (sustainability), shorter development cycle.
  • Module 2 - Theory: Learn why supports are not only not needed, but also should ideally be avoided; Master energy input management in L-PBF and how Smart Fusion regulates the process heat automatically. Experience how to activate and set Smart Fusion parameters in EOSPRINT. Gain deep knowledge on OT Signal intensity (Grey Value) behavior and calculate process target GV for Smart Fusion. Get insights on selection of exposure strategy.
  • Module 3 - Qualification: Learn about the EOS Quality Triangle and critical to quality approach for qualification. Explore the different phases in qualification. Explore the methodology that is being used by EOS for Smart Fusion qualification and create your own qualification strategy.
  • Module 4 - Case Studies: Follow different case studies step by step to gain solid understanding of the learnings from the previous modules and start to think about your roadmap for using Smart Fusion to push the limits of AM.
  • Customer Benefit: Learn in detail the benefits of OT monitoring, such as shortening of quality assurance cycles loops, process optimization and documentation of AM. Understand different image types and their significance.
  • Advance Features: Master the automatic anomaly detection feature, how to set up the detectors, analyze the findings and creating reports.
  • OT Maintenance: Navigate the OT Software and learn how to perform and verify calibrations.
  • Case Study: Learn through practical case studies that demonstrate how to apply OT monitoring data to setup Smart Fusion  Parameters. 
  • Final Assessments: Evaluate your learnings with tailored review questions.
  • Expert Session: Conclude your EOSPRINT 2 training with an expert session during which you can bring up your questions, open points, and exchange with EOS experts for your specific application.  You will be then ready to apply your new skills to achieve remarkable results in your additive manufacturing projects.


This course is designed for metal application and process engineers who would like to explore and implement Smart Fusion technology and quality engineers who would like to gain insights to qualify Smart Fusion and implement OT monitoring to improve quality assurance with EOS metal machines (e.g., M 290, M 300-4, and M 400-4).

The comprehensive focus of this course on a single intricate issue and the thorough involvement of EOS experts in its webinars and Q&A sessions make it stand head and shoulders above similar certification programs. Its dependence on the learner's interaction — i.e., "learning by doing" in the practice task modules — will also have a positive long-term impact on their data preparation skills.

You are recommended to have an active EOS Smart Monitoring license model which includes EOSPRINT version >2.14. If you do not have this license model yet, it is recommended that you have an OT client software license.

We recommend that learners who take this course have a strong technical background and (at least) moderate experience in additive manufacturing. Familiarity with EOSPRINT parameter editing would be very beneficial to implement the learnings.

This certificate program spans a 2-4 week duration. Upon finishing the online learning modules and final assessment, participants gain the opportunity to engage in an Expert session facilitated monthly by the Additive Minds Academy. In the event of missing the current session, participants have the option to join the subsequent one. Every certificate program encompasses a complementary Expert session, and learners enjoy 12 months of access to the online content learning platform.

You will be able to download your certification via the program portal after you successfully finish all modules and exams.

If you're interested in exploring the AM process on a deeper level, we highly recommend taking our Process Engineering and Science Certificate program. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

Real World Experience

Explore and assess real-world projects with case studies and portfolio examples.

Community & Experts

Receive valuable feedback from tutors and other learners in peer reviews, Q&A sessions and discussion groups.

Hands On Practice

Gain vital experience in methodologies and processes while working on practical tasks, exercises, and tools.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace and access modules on the go with our self-study online classes.

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