The HT-23 is based on a PEKK resin with 23% Carbon Fiber compounded in and ground to a fine powder. It is a melt compounded Carbon Fiber-filled PEKK which has isotropic properties, is chemical resistant, and is inherently flame retardant. 

Typical mechanical properties  
Tensile modulus 6500 MPa 
Tensile strength 71 MPa 
Elongation at break 1,16 % 
Thermal properties  
Heat deflection temperature (1.82 MPa) 212 °C 
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 275 °C 
Physical properties  
Sintered Density 1,39 g/cm³

• Aerospace
• Mobility Industry
• Well suited to applications which require superior thermal properties, with maximum performance and consistent properties in XY&Z dimensions

Product Summary

Suitable for P450, P810 and roller based systems

A high-performance plastic that’s chemically resistant, flame retardant, and with a high melting point.

Item No 200000714
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