PA 1101 ClimateNeutral

EOSArticle Number: 9012-0202

Suitable for FORMIGA P 110 Velocis, FORMIGA P 110 FDR, EOS P 396 and EOS P 770

100% proven quality and 0% CO2e

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Typical mechanical properties
Tensile modulus 1600 MPa
Tensile strength 48 MPa
Strain at break 45%

Thermal properties
Melting temperature (20°C/min) 201°C
Heat deflection temperature (1.80 MPa) 46°C
Heat deflection temperature (0.65 MPa) 180°C

Physical properties
Density 990 kg/m³
The material is also available as standard PA 1101 with a carbon impact.

This material is ideally suited for producing functional elements that require high material strength (e.g. living hinges) and/or impact resistance. Therefore, components for which fragmentation is inadmissible (e.g. in the interior of vehicles) are among the typical fields of application.

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