EOS Smart Monitoring


The EOS Smart Monitoring plan* bundles EOSTATE EXPOSURE OT process control hardware and software, the cutting-edge Smart Fusion automated power correction technology and critical training resources into a convenient subscription.

*requires an active EOS Build/Build+ plan

Annual license (per machine):
Sale price€27.000,00
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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.


EOS Smart Monitoring

  • High-resolution OT camera.
  • Monitoring IPC computer for data processing (integrated directly into EOS M 300-4 and M 400-4 3D printing systems; provided in a separate terminal if used with the. (EOS M 290)
EXPOSURE OT software (with online, offline and remote use cases)
  • Real-time OT recording of build images.
  • Smart Fusion automated laser power control and correction.
  • Live view of progress during acquisition and display of completely acquired monitoring images (remote or online only)
  • Loading and display of acquisition data for completed build tasks.
  • File import/export features, including automated monitoring data export.
  • Indication Detectors for identifying hot or cold spots, Part Statistic analysis for graphical representation and comparison of gray values and anomalies for parts in a job, all exportable in .csv
  • Customizable analysis capabilities (create/change analysis profiles, change/approve analysis parameters, apply analysis profiles to past and current jobs)
  • Irregularity and anomaly categorization.
  • Database maintenance (incl. backup and uninstall options for system database)
Training features
  • One training seat for M 290 users and two seats for M 300-4 and M 400-4 customers (for Basic OT Operation E-Learning, Advanced OT E-Learning and Smart Fusion E-Learning)
  • One Smart Fusion expert session and one OT expert session (both four hours)

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