EOS System Suite for P-Systems


EOS System Suite for P-Systems bundles numerous valuable software tools for your polymer additive manufacturing systems into a single prepaid and unlimited purchase. Use System Suite to closely monitor 3D printing job quality and system performance, streamline operations and improve overall AM efficiency.

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EOS System Suite — Streamline and Improve AM Production

The solutions bundled together as EOS System Suite help you comprehensively address key areas of additive manufacturing process management, including machine health and performance oversight, job monitoring and analysis, system maintenance and quality control. It also grants other critical manufacturing systems in your facility access to EOS machine data.

Data access and job process management

With EOSCONNECT Core, you can easily integrate machine status and sensor data from your EOS industrial polymer 3D printers with MES platforms and other key facility systems. This improves system monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Comprehensive performance reporting

EOSTATE Quality Reports enables you to generate wide-ranging assessments of your additive manufacturing jobs. This solution creates PDFs that feature graphs of critical process conditions, comprehensive parameter details, system messages from the job, and precise insights into the quality of individual part builds as well as entire jobs. EOSTATE Quality Reports also enables automated report exporting when used alongside EOSCONNECT Core.

Valuable add-on services

EOS System Suite includes complimentary one-year access to EOS Hub as a service and unlimited use of EOS Hub on-premises. Both tools help enable critical insight into machine utilization and performance. 

EOS System Suite for EOS P 396, P 770 and P 500

EOSTATE Quality Reports
  • Job and part quality reports as generated PDFs
  • Remote machine connection
  • Automated report exporting (via EOSCONNECT Core)
Print Domain License*
  • Use licensed EOS Material Sets on all machines of your entire machine park
EOSTATE PowderBed*
  • Live view of the powder bed
  • Powder bed image recording (before and after recoating)
  • Numerous powder bed file-save options (RAW, TIFF, JPEG, MPEG4 video) and easy importing, exporting and deletion of images
  • Remote machine connection
  • Access to machine data via multiple protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, REST-based web APIs)
EOSCONNECT Core Control*
  • Remotely start, stop and pause build jobs via OPC UA (availability depends on model and/or use of separate docking station)
  • Load and unload exchange frames
EOS Hub On-Premises with Machine State App
  • Unlimited access; optional and free of charge

*Currently only available for EOS P 500

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