EOS System Suite for P-Systems


EOS System Suite for P-Systems bundles numerous valuable software tools for your polymer additive manufacturing systems into a single prepaid and unlimited purchase. Use System Suite to closely monitor 3D printing job quality and system performance, streamline operations and improve overall AM efficiency.

License (per machine):
Sale price€8.000,00
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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.


EOS System Suite for P- System (prepaid and unlimited purchase)

EOSYSTEM SmartService Basic
  • Machine connectivity health checks
  • Configuration backup and restore functions
  • Database backup
  • License management
  • Access to log files
  • Toggle machine between service and normal mode
EOSTATE Quality Reports
  • Job and part quality reports as generated PDFs
  • Remote machine connection
  • Automated report exporting (via EOSCONNECT Core)
  • Access to machine data via multiple protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, REST-based web APIs)
EOS Data Insights
  • One-year access; optional and free of charge
Machine State App via EOS Hub on-premises
  • Unlimited access; optional and free of charge

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