EOS M System Data Package


This data package is delivered in MS Excel file format.

System: EOS M 290 with MP1
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The EOS M System Data Package offers data on the typical variation between systems of the same kind (so called machine-to-machine variation). The package consists of unique system acceptance test data including the mechanical properties of the printed part from EOS’ system manufacturing.


Main Benefits of EOS M System Data Package: 

  1. Understand typical part mechanical property variation between same type of systems in a larger AM machine park.
  2. Analyze the capability of the AM system to produce consistent part properties.
  3. Speed up the qualification of your part production process on a given system-process-material combination.


Product Information: 

  • The data is available for EOS M 290 and EOS M 400-4, both sets including data from 20 machines of the same type.
  • The package includes horizontal tensile data with platform location information, including yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, elongation and the metadata relevant to the results.
  • It also contains defect analyses data with spatial information across platform locations.


Product Format: 

This data package is delivered in MS Excel file format with basic analytics & plots included. Read the disclaimer for more information. 


EOS M 290 

EOS M 400-4 

Process  EOS CobaltChrome MP1
(40 µm) 
EOS NickelAlloy HX
(40 µm) 
Number of Systems  20  20 
Tensile as-manufactured Samples  Vertical 
Horizontal  240  480 
Defect Analysis Samples  70  305 

By purchasing the Data Package the users acquire information about measurements results obtained by the interaction of EOS system, EOS powder and EOS process for their exclusive and unrestricted use.

The content of this Data Package is provided for information purposes only and EOS makes no representation or warranty, and disclaims any liability, with respect to the measurement results achieved. Measurement results are dependent on a variety of influencing factors and therefore, actual results achieved by the user may deviate from the information stated in the Data Package.

This document does not on its own represent a sufficient basis for any part design, neither does it provide any agreement or guarantee about the specific properties of EOS Systems, system settings, a material or part or the suitability of a material or a part for a specific application.
The achievement of certain part properties as well as the assessment of the suitability of this material for a specific purpose is the sole responsibility of the user.

Furthermore, the user is prohibited from disclosing information from this Data Package to third parties and refrain from any form of publication. In the event of unauthorized disclosure, EOS reserves the right to take legal action against the user.

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