EOS NickelAlloy IN625

Parts built from EOS NickelAlloy IN625  is characterized by having high tensile, creep and rupture strength. Conventionally cast or wrought components in this type of nickel alloy have typically excellent fatigue and thermal-fatigue properties combined with good oxidation resistance. EOS NickelAlloy IN625 is expected to have good corrosion resistance in various corrosive environments. Especially sea-water applications require high pitting and crevice corrosion resistance, stress-corrosion resistance against chloride ions, high tensile and corrosion-fatigue strength. Parts built from EOS NickelAlloy IN625 can be heat treated and material properties can be varied within specified range. Parts can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished and coated in both as-built and in heat-treated conditions. Due to the layerwise building method, the parts have certain anisotropy.

The chemical composition in compliance with UNS N06625, AMS 5666, AMS 5599, 2.4856, NiCr22Mo9Nb
Ultimate Tensile Strength 920 MPa
Yield Strength 670 MPa
Elongation @ Break 40 %

→ Components for service in corrosive environments

→ Good potential for cryogenic applications

Product Summary

Suitable for
EOS M 290 @ 20 & 40 µm

Good tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength

Good oxidation resistance & corrosion resistance

Item No 9011-0022
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