EOS StainlessSteel PH1

EOS StainlessSteel PH1 is a stainless steel conforming to the compositions of DIN 1.4540 and UNS S15500.
It is characterized by having good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. EOS StainlessSteel PH1 is widely used in variety of engineering applications requiring high hardness, strength and corrosion resistance. Parts made from EOS StainlessSteel PH1 can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished and coated if required.

The chemical composition in compliance with 1.4540, UNS S15500
Ultimate Tensile Strength 1440MPa
Yield Strength 1300 MPa
Elongation @ Break 13 %

→ Engineering applications including functional prototypes

→ Small series products

→ Individualised products or spare parts.

Product Summary

On Sale Suitable for
EOS M 290 @ 20 µm

High strength and hardness

Corrosion resistant

For mildly corrosive environments

Item No 9011-0019
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