PA 1100 - Polyamide 11

EOSArticle Number: 9012-0205

Suitable for FORMIGA P 110 Velocis, FORMIGA P 110 FDR and EOS P 396

Built parts are characterized by high impact resistance and strain at break. Parts are easy to color with high color-fastness.

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PA 1100 is a bio-based PA 11 powder designed for laser sintering systems. Parts manufactured additively with this material exhibit high impact resistance and elongation at break, remaining intact under mechanical stress. Its natural white hue can be readily dyed, offering versatile color customization. Unlike petroleum-derived polymers, PA 1100 is derived from castor oil, resulting in a reduced CO2e footprint and supporting more sustainable production practices.



Typical mechanical properties in xy print direction
Tensile modulus: 1700 MPa
Tensile strength: 51 MPa
Strain at break: 30%

Thermal properties
Melting temperature (20°C/min): 182°C

Physical properties
Density (lasersintered): 1.03 kg/m³

This material is ideally suited for impact-resistant applications that may not splinter when applied with load (e.g., coverings or housings) and functional parts that require a high elongation at break (e.g., hinges, clips or buckles). It is also used for eyewear in the consumer goods industry

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Safety Data Sheets can be found on myEOS

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