EOS Data Insights


Connect EOS 3D printing systems and maintain real-time visibility into their performance and health with the bundled tools of the EOS Data Insights plan — available as a renewable subscription, on-premises or as a cloud-based service.

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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.


EOS Data Insights — Seamless Connectivity for Precision Machine Analysis

The EOS Data Insights subscription plan allows business users to connect their EOS machines and analyze critical equipment performance data, to comprehensively assess operational quality and identify areas for improvement. The package also enables easy integration of 3D printing system data into the broader manufacturing workflow via its open API.

Machine monitoring and remote control

The Machine State App not only offers efficient access to real-time machine performance data through an intuitive dashboard, but it can also take remote control of build jobs as needed — right from a mobile device. Use this application to pause or completely stop print jobs if the dashboard reveals indicators of problems. Machine State enables easy review of print job progress and all critical performance KPIs to help utilize equipment to its full potential.

Insight into entire machine fleets

With the Machine Performance App, you can delve into machine utilization and performance across an entire machine park. Collect insights from every EOS machine in a park to closely oversee the functionality of each 3D printing system, identifying strengths and weaknesses so you can optimize production efficiency and quality in the long term.

Efficient machine performance overview

The Machine Condition App is an all-new tool* available as part of the cloud-based version of the EOS Data Insights plan. It allows machine park managers and workers alike to easily assess whether individual machines are ready for production or in need of maintenance by providing a quick but thorough overview of their condition.

*[coming soon]

Effective integration of machine data

Through the EOS Hub platform, EOS Data Insights plan subscribers can overview 3D printing hardware and software performance in the larger context of an organization's manufacturing operations. Use its open API to integrate machine and app data with MES, CAQ, ERP and other systems.

Subscription-based flexibility

The EOS Data Insights plan requires an initial one-year commitment, after which you can choose whether to renew your subscription. If you cancel, you lose access to the Machine Performance and Machine Condition Apps, but you can still access the EOS Hub Platform on-premises and use the Machine State App.

EOS Data Insights

EOS Hub platform
  • UI optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Open API allowing integration with MES, CAQ, ERP, IIoT and digital marketplaces
  • Critical notifications available in-app or via email
  • Installation support (for on-premises plan subscribers)
  • User permission management
  • Machine-specific permission management (on-premises only)
Machine State App
  • Compatible with EOS M 290, M 300-4, M 400-4, P 396, P 500 and P 770)
  • Intuitive dashboard display of critical data (machine type, material, current job status, real-time visualization of calculated data in graphs or listed)
  • Remote control capabilities (pause, stop and resume jobs)
  • Notifications for user messages and job alerts
Machine Performance App
  • Insights into utilization and availability of single machines and machine parks
  • Manual editing of machine states
Machine Condition App* *coming soon; for SaaS subscribers only
  • Comprehensive big-picture machine health overview
  • Quick insight into specific performance details (oxidation sensor, process chamber tightness, collector platform access, temperature, humidity)
  • Condition overview of 3D printing systems' internal industrial PC
  • Critical notifications (required filter changes, machine problems, etc.)

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