AM Industry Introduction Polymer

You become an AM industry expert with lots of facts, figures, and insights. The learner understands which applications in different industries are suitable for additive manufacturing and have actually changed an industry. You will be able to recognize the right applications. You know how to communicate to others why specific applications have gained industry popularity. You will have an overview of the most common materials are used. You can also describe which customers have become a thought leaders in additive manufacturing in each industry. Finally, you are up-skilled for Industry 4.0 and distributed manufacturing.

In specific you will learn:

  • Deep Dive into AM industries such as adv. mobility, aerospace, consumer and medical
  • Expertise for all related polymer materials in each industry
  • Know-How for industry applications and success stories
  • USPs of AM differentiated for various industries and applications
  • Understanding a distributed world of AM manufacturing

Module Highlights

This training provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why has additive manufacturing taken hold in a wide variety of industries?
  • What differentiates the industries adv. mobility, aerospace, medical, and consumer, how do they benefit from additive manufacturing?
  • Which polymer materials are suitable for which application in which industries?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities within the industry?
  • Which success stories are representative of the possibilities of AM and which companies are leading in the use of AM?
Online & self study: 3 - 6 h

EOS Certificate

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