EOS Data Insights


Connect EOS 3D printing systems and maintain real-time visibility into their performance and health with the bundled tools of the EOS Data Insights plan — available as a renewable subscription, on-premises or as a cloud-based service.

Annual license (per machine):
Sale price€9.900,00
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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.


EOS Data Insights

EOS Hub platform
  • UI optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Open API allowing integration with MES, CAQ, ERP, IIoT and digital marketplaces
  • Critical notifications available in-app or via email
  • Installation support (for on-premises plan subscribers)
  • User permission management
  • Machine-specific permission management (on-premises only)
Machine State App
  • Compatible with EOS M 290, M 300-4, M 400-4, P 396, P 500 and P 770)
  • Intuitive dashboard display of critical data (machine type, material, current job status, real-time visualization of calculated data in graphs or listed)
  • Remote control capabilities (pause, stop and resume jobs)
  • Notifications for user messages and job alerts
Machine Performance App
  • Insights into utilization and availability of single machines and machine parks
  • Manual editing of machine states
Machine Condition App* *coming soon; for SaaS subscribers only
  • Comprehensive big-picture machine health overview
  • Quick insight into specific performance details (oxidation sensor, process chamber tightness, collector platform access, temperature, humidity)
  • Condition overview of 3D printing systems' internal industrial PC
  • Critical notifications (required filter changes, machine problems, etc.)

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