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EOSPRINT 2 supports the assignment and optimization of process parameters for industrial 3D printing on EOS systems. The software determines the exact scan path of the laser while optimizing build speed and part properties.

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  • Import parts and jobs, placement of parts (move, multiply, scaling)
  • Assignment of Exposure Sets with exposure types to build with optimized parameters
  • Integrated CAD to Print processes lead to a productivity increase in production workflows. Available for Siemens NX, Magics, AM Studio, 3DXpert,etc.
  • Accurate Building Time Estimation
  • Highly sophisticated full overlap laser load balancing for EOS M 300-4 to optimize laser utilization and reduce building time
  • Adjust part exposure order e.g. against gas flow
  • Reduce powder consumption and powder loss by a layer specific dosing factor
  • Overlap Setting in z-direction for multi laser machines e.g. “Randomized” and “Sawtooth” to increase part quality
  • Static preview of scan paths
  • Fine tuning/Beam compensation which increases part accuracy
  • 3mf file format support for perfromance improvements
  • Collision Detection to avoid errors through overlapping parts thereby reducing scrapped jobs
  • Z-segmentation to increase productivity
  • Interface (API) for software developers to automate and integrate EOSPRINT into existing software solutions
  • Extended EOSPRINT Software Development Kit (SDK) with export of scan paths including timestamps, laser power and scan speed

  • Reduce powder consumption and powder loss by a layer specific dosing factor
  • Building time by exposure type for detailed building time analyzes
  • 3mf file format support for performance improvements
  • Auto recovery of jobs
  • Improved 3D viewing performance

Download & Links

  • Our Documentation includes basic information, installation, update, licensing, function overviews, controls & indications, operation, keyboard and mouse functions.

Software Compatibility with 3D Printer

By clicking here, you can check the compatibility of software applications with our EOS 3D printer.

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