It is a hardware and software package to enable process control via optical tomography.

Perpetual License per machine*:
Sale price€60.000,00
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Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.

*The price ranges from €60.000 - €100.000 depends on the machine type.


  • capture OT images of the entire powder bed
  • capture 10 FPS
  • hotspot and coldspot (infications) analysis is performed on the images thus unveiling potential process flaws
  • indication density is plotted on graphs (part statsitics)
  • images, indications lists and part statistics can be exported
  • in combination with EOSCONNECT Core data retrieval can be automated

  • Improved performance of image analysis by already starting the analsis process during exposure time.

Download & Links

  • Our Documentation includes basic information, installation, update, licensing, function overviews, controls & indications, operation, keyboard and mouse functions.

Software Compatibility with 3D Printer

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