PA 615-GS

50% Glass-Sphere-Filled Nylon 12 optimized for easy processing and as a drop-in replacement for comparable Glass-Sphere-Filled Nylon 12’s. It has smooth surface finish, good stiffness and mechanical properties , and high recyclability.  

Typical mechanical properties  
Tensile modulus 5910 MPa 
Tensile strength 38 MPa 
Elongation at break 2 % 
Thermal properties  
Heat deflection temperature (1.82 MPa) 134 °C 
Heat deflection temperature (0.45 MPa) 179 °C 
Physical properties  
Sintered Density 1,49 g/cm³
  • Automotive engine components
  • Mold and tooling applications
  • Complex geometries requiring accuracy and feature resolution
  • Ideal for rugged applications requiring stiffness at elevated temperatures

Product Summary

Suitable for P396, P770 and roller based systems
Glass sphere filled material for improved dimensional stability with increased stiffness and part surface finish.
Item No 9015-0008
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