EOS M 290 Training APP with AR

-Extended Reality (XR) technologies continue to transform education and contribute to the best possible learning outcome when applied properly.
-Get an immersive AR experience by placing the best enterprise metal 3D printer of the year, EOS M 290, anywhere within your vicinity.

Format: App Voucher for unlocking premium version of the app
Access: 6 months
Language: English & German

Sale price€1.099,99

Please Note: We currently only sell to businesses, not individual consumers.

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With this EOS M 290 Training APP with AR, you will train your skills for system set up and unloading as well as safety training using augmented reality. Download the app for free: 

English (Available on iOS and Android platform)


German ( Available in iOS)


Take advantage of this app to
  • Get started with EOS M 290 on-boarding session before this metal 3D printer has arrived on your shop floor 
  • Up-skill your team without blocking a system for training purposes
  • Familiarize yourself with the main components and interact with the real-size model of the EOS M 290 in Augmented Reality.
  • Navigate and distinguish between different components of the EOS M 290, as well as define its key features in the augmented world. 
  • Understand the key safety concepts when working with EOS Metal 3D printer
  • Reproduce the right sequence of steps for setting up and unloading a build job on the EOS M 290.
  • Make preparation in an unassisted mode ( a test mode) that you can plan for machine operation e.g. a test run to unload the machine on your own. 
How much does this app cost ?
  • We provides different features in the EOS M 290 Training APP with AR.  Access to Freemium version, which includes all basic features, is free of charge. You can have this Freemium version by downloading in either App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 
  • To get all features of the EOS M 290 Training APP with AR, you can upgrade the app to premium version by subscription in the app or purchase in EOS store. The premium version costs 1099,99 euro and it is valid for 6 months per subscription or per purchase.  

Check the below table to know the basic difference of Freemium and Premium features. 

Have further questions? Kindly reach out to [email protected] for more information. 

Version Freemium Premium
Function/access level limited function/ unlimited

   full function/   6 Months

EOS M 290 equipment augmentation
safety training
guided tutorial for system installation and unloading single
unassisted mode for system installation and unloading
€1099,99 €
Download EOS M 290 Training APP with AR - English version
Download EOS M 290 Training APP with AR - German version

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