AM Application Engineering Metal

Realise your full potential with our Learning Path and become a certified EOS AM Application Specialist in Metal

- Design your customer application using the additive manufacturing potentials
- Develop process parameters for your production
- Generate high quality build jobs
- Master AM data preparation, monitoring and quality software
- Understand quality measurements for Additive Manufacturing processes
- Deep dive learning with Amphyon and Materialise
- Master the AM process from part design towards post-processing


Intermediate und Advanced Level

4-6 weeks

EOS Certificate

Hardware & Software Prerequisites

  • EOSPRINT 2.7 or 2.8
  • EOSPRINT 2 License Key
  • EOSPRINT Premium Licence
  • Materialise Magics SG+ (Materialise EOS Build Processor)
  • AM Application Engineering Metal


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    Master EOS systems and software and guide stakeholders to choose high quality part parameters for each and every case.

    Additive manufacturing (AM) may look simple but the process chain requires a significant depth of technical knowledge and clear communication between parties to ensure consistent high quality from start to finish.  

    An Application Specialist must understand how to operate EOS systems and software The learner must be ready to discuss each case with clients and stakeholders to ensure the success of every aspect of the process chain. 

    EOS additive manufacturing courses will give you the training needed to understand and command the nuances of data preparation, part parameters, monitoring and finishing, plus how to communicate this to everyone involved, giving you vital skills to further your career in additive manufacturing. 


    This course is split into four phases: 

    Phase 1: An introduction to EOS systems and software, learning how to build job preparations with Materialise Magics software. 

    Phase 2: Delve into the world of parameter editing, materials and post processing. 

    Phase 3: Cover AM quality standards and deepen your knowledge of Additive Works Amyphon. 

    Phase 4: Theory examination, practical examination, certification and farewell event.


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    Every AM Academy Course offers a rich learning experience

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    Explore and assess real worldprojects with case studies andportfolio examples.

    Community & Experts

    Receive valuable feedback fromtutors and other learners in peerreviews, Q&A sessions and.discussion groups.

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    Gain vital experience of methodologies and processes while working on practical tasks, exercises and tools.

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    Learn at your own pace and access modules on the go with our self-study online classes.

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